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You know sometimes you leave on a trip just brimming with excitement knowing that it’s going to be an absolute blast.

You’re so excited and you can tell that everyone else is too and that in the morning everyone is going to be up at the crack of dawn and ready to go climbing.

Other times you go away with Edna…


But that’s not where our story begins.


Having organized to meet Alex and Edna at my house on Friday night I set about making a green curry early in the afternoon so that we could eat and go ASAP. After thinking that Alex would arrive first I was surprised to see Edna at about 5.30. We set about checking gear and unloading the stuff from his car in preparation for loading Alex’s Camira wagon when she arrived… Sound simple? Sure.


During the early planning phase we had discussed whether to hire a trailer, take two cars, take Tom’s parent’s camper trailer (if the Feral came along) or take Alex’s station wagon. After much debate (and the Bushfire lighting decision of the Feral to not go) we decided to take Alex’s wagon. Fine. Sorted. At 11.00pm the night before we leave for Moonarie I got a text message from Alex saying that she wasn’t too sure about whether her car was safe as it was underpowered, the lights didn’t work well and it wasn’t very safe… Maybe we should take a trailer…


“Hmmm interesting time to mention it.” I thought. After a few phone conversations I convinced Edna and Alex that it would be fine, we should use the Camira and I would drive the death trap all the way there if needed.


Back to preparing the gear.


Quang and I decided that it would be a good idea to fill my (6 years out of date) 3kg gas bottle so we loaded it into the car and went off looking for somewhere they didn’t speak English very well and would turn a blind eye to the expiry date stamped on the bottle. First place we went to was one of those petrol stations that does the cylinder exchange thing, so we went in just to enquire about how much it would cost to buy a new one and if they would give us anything for the old shit bottle we had. It turned out that yes, they did do exchanges on expired bottles and it was only $5 more than the normal exchange price. The guy there didn’t really know too much about it, but looked at the pricelist and just went with what it said. The bonus? Our bottle was a 3kg, the replacement was a 3.7kg; a new 3.7kg bottle from an outdoor shop would cost $30 plus it would have cost an additional $25 to fill, while it cost us $29 for an exchange bottle, full of gas! As soon as the guy said the price we couldn’t hand over the dough quick enough, we grabbed the new bottle and made off like bandits! Heh heh.


After loading the car and eating dinner we headed off. Listening to the fragments of a Smashing Pumpkins cassette that would play as we drove, we set out for our Moonarie trip only two hours after our planned departure time. Not Bad!

All went well, I ran over a bunny that decided it could beat the car across the road poor little bunny, The Feral would have been YeeHaw-ing by that stage (and probably wondering if it was stuck under the car in a spot where it could be salvaged for her camp stew ), and nearly hit a ‘roo that must have missed the car by inches. Oblivious to all this excitement, Edna and Alex slept like babies (lucky really, Alex would have made me go back and give the parasite infested rabbit mouth to mouth or CPR, and then adopt it).


At this point you might be wondering why I haven’t called Alex “Gyro” at all; you’ll see.


We arrived at the campground some time just after midnight in true Sand-Baggers tradition and set up camp with a minimum of fuss. Edna made some ominous comments about how tired he was and we went to sleep.

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