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Our Trip to Arapiles:


Weather forecast for the Wimmera Region: Snow on the higher peaks.


Our Trip to Moonarie:


After deciding that perhaps climbing at Arapiles was not going to be such an enjoyable weekend, Tom Megan and I (Adam) decided that Moonarie in the Flinders Ranges was a more appealing prospect. Although we were aware that it can be bitterly cold at night we reasoned that there was less chance of either rain or snow.

After driving for around 5 hours we arrived at bottom camp at about 10pm on Friday (16 July) night and set about putting up the camper-trailer tent that Tom had borrowed from his parents (Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Cree!). In Dr Nick’s absence we did our best to try and wake up the other climbers by putting in tent pegs but alas! It seems as though we just don’t have the expertise, the other climbers reported that the first they knew of our presence was when they saw our camp next morning.

So with the tent set up we had a celebratory drink of beer, or two in the near zero night air and discussed how much fun it would be to poo out in the open. Tom and I educated Megan in the fine art of flinging (poo onto a shovel, throw it as far as you can) and she thought about how to be more of a real Aussie girl like those trucker women who eat meat, fart loudly, blow snot out their noses and listen to Cold Chisel. Soon enough it was time to go to sleep, with plans of climbing everything in sight, and prayers for clear weather.

Have you ever noticed how when you are on holiday your dreams tend to reflect the nature of your trip? That night I dreamt that we were all living in Japan, taking rides on floating logs down a train line to a movie theatre where we found out that Saddam Hussein was really the Devil and it was our job as Jedi Knights to fly off in our Lamborghinis to fight him…..hmmmm maybe it takes a while to get into the swing of things. I woke to the sound of Tom remarking how great it looked outside, not a cloud in the sky, and opening my eyes saw what looked like errrr well, let’s say it seemed as though Gump and JennyBob had forgotten I was there and that they were really getting into the Mountain Man/Mountain Woman thing. Realising that things were not quite as they first seemed the next thing I noticed was that it was BLOODY FREEZING! There was no way I was going to expose my skinny little body to the cold morning air and risk frostbite on any of my extremities so taking all my clothes into my nice warm sleeping bag I emerged like a beautiful butterfly minutes later fully dressed and nice and warm.

JennyBob on the other and had taken the whole getting feral thing pretty seriously and now kept singing the Cold Chisel song “Shipping Steel” to herself, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, told us about it so the damned song became stuck in our heads too.


Moonarie index Intro page Day 1 Day 2

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