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Day 3: Day of the 'Henge


 Perhaps it was because we were all supermotivated to get on the rock early, but everyone got up nice and early and prepared for the day's climbing... I actually think it was more out of a fear of being stranded up in the dark again.

Breakfast was made and we enjoyed a nice strong coffee while Rainman considered her next ablutions.

Sometimes when playing cricket, the bowler will just bowl up a nice slow full toss that just begs to be smacked over the boundary for 6. "Gimp, can you help me wash my hair by pouring some water on my head?"

"Errr, sure Alex..."

Moments, and some excited shrieks later, Alex was chasing Adam around the camp site with the little bit of (freezing) water that had not been tipped over her.

Of course revenge was soon exacted, with Alex tipping the rest of the water over Adam, cracking him in the nose with the aluminium bottle in the process.

After these shenanigans were over we set about preparing food for the day.

The sausages left over from Saturday night did not look appealing.

"Bit of a waste to just toss them out," said Gimp.

"The goats will probably eat them," suggested Edna, " hey, why not put them in a line for the goats to follow like a trail?" He added.

"Good idea." As Gimp started to line up the sausages he was struck by the way they cast interesting shadows and an idea occurred to him...

"Heeeeyy, how about if..?"

"How about what?" asked Quang.

"A Sausage Henge!"

Several strange minutes later we all had the theme to 2001 A Space Odyssey in our heads.

Sausage Henge in all its glory


If you build it they will come; The Gimp worships at Sausage Henge.

For some, it doesn't take too much time isolated from the world for strange behaviour to begin.


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