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Our trip to Moonarie with Mum Feral and Dad Gump


October 14, 15, 16 - 2005  

On the last weekend of the school holidays Mum and Dad said we could go to Moonarie to go climbing  if we were good.


Edna and me were a little bit naughty, but Mum and Dad wanted to go for a holiday for Dadís birthday so we got to go anyway.


We got to drive Mumís car which was pretty cool Ďcos it wasnít our car and so we could go really really fast and do burnouts and stuff in all the country towns and we even got to drive through a fence and do some circle work in a field. It was excellent fun!


I did all the driving because Edna isnít big enough to do it yet and Mum would have been mad if he drove the car, lucky she didnít know about the burnouts and stuff, or the sheep we hit.


We stopped at Hawker for dinner and had a really crap chicken schnitzel each. But we didnít care Ďcos we were going on holidays, and besides, we had beer!


The other good thing about using Mumís car was that we got to Moonarie in record time, getting there at about six oíclock. Edna put up the tent and I made a camp fire using ten trees, then we sat down and drank beer while we waited for Mum and Dad to get there.


About 3 beers later Mum and Dad turned up, they were a bit later because I think Mum had to give Dad an early birthday present. Mum said she had to blow out Dadís candle (they both laughed a bit when she said that), but I didnít understand why because Dadís birthday wasnít until Sunday. I showed Mum and Dad the trees I found for the fire and told them about heaps of other stuff, but then Dad told me to shut up because I was talking too much. Sometimes I talk too much when Iím excited.


We helped Mum and Dad put up their camper-trailer and then they had a beer with us too. Mum and Dad said me and Edna had to sleep in our own tent because they had Mum and Dad stuff to do. I guess that means they had to plan Dadís party.


When we went to bed Edna and me couldnít sleep because we were too excited about climbing the next day so we stayed awake whispering for a while. A little bit after we had gone to bed Edna said that Mummy and Daddy must be having bad dreams because we could hear them moving around in bed a bit and moaning. The camper-trailer was rocking a little bit too, they must have really been tossing and turning. They must have been pretty scary bad dreams. I was worried about Mum and Dad so me and Edna crept up to their camper-trailer and peeked in. It must have been hot in there because their pyjamas were on the floor. Mum was really scared too because she was hiding under Dad.


Then we went to sleep, it was going to be a great holiday!


By Gimp and Edna J J



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